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Easy crochet pattern Earwarmer/Headband Messy bun/Ponytail hat

Easy Crochet Headband
The Minta Headband

The Minta earwarmer/headband, messy bun/ponytail hat

is an easy, fast, beginners’ crochet project. A one row repeat pattern!

What is great about this pattern is that you can use it to make a crochet messy bun hat also called crochet ponytail hat. All you need to do is make the band wider by working additional rows.

To make The Minta ponytail/messy bun crochet hat
repeat row 3 to the desired hat height


I used leftover Red Heart super saver yarn in color Painted Desert

with a 5.5 mm hook

Stitches used

sc single crochet slip stitch

blsc back loop single crochet back loop slip stitch


The crochet headband I made fits a youth to adult head size.

Chain 67

Row 1: 1 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, 27 sc , 10 28 sc, turn

The Minta
Row 1

Row 2: ch 1 (does not count as a stitch here and throughout this pattern), 28 sc, 10, 28 sc, turn

tip: always make the sl.sts. loose. This way, working on the back loop of the slip stitches in the following row will be much easier.

The Minta
Row 2

Row 3: ch 1, 28 blsc (which mean 1 blsc in each next 28 sc), 10 (which mean 1 in each next 10, 28 blsc (which mean 1 blsc in each next 28 sc)

Summary or row 3: 1 blsc in each sc, in each

Repeat row 3 to the desired width

for the pictured headband I repeated row 3 four more times.

Sew together the 2 edges of the crochet earwarmer.

That’s it!!

A one row repeat pattern. Can’t get easier than that, right?

Minta Headband

all you have to remenber is

  • all stitches are made in the back loop only
  • blsc on each sc
  • on each
  • count the number of sc and (use 2 stitch markers if need be to mark the 1st and the last of the group of 10 sl.sts)
crochet earwarmer
crochet hat
crochet messy bun hat
crochet ponytail hat

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