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Arcade Crochet Shrug

Need a last minute gift for Mother’s day?

This shrug is a fun, easy and quick project. you can definitely finish it by Sunday. Grab your yarn and let’s get started.

Happy hooking!

crochet shrug by hookoflove

Follow the stitch pattern below and make a rectangle. Mine is a size S/M 42 inches long and 18 inches wide. If you need a bigger size increase your fondation chains to increase the length of the rectangle. If you need a longer shrug work more rows.

then fold the rectangle and sew the corner edges together to make the arm openings

single crochet all around the armopenings and around the shrug

Here is the stitch pattern used

The pattern is a repeat of 6 rows

for my crochet top I repeated the 6 rows 5 more times.

Arcade crochet top by hookoflove

Yarn used to make this crochet top, crochet shrug:

you can use any yarn you like

I used 2 skeins of Katia Jaipur – Color Orange/Pinks/Turquoise and a 3.5 mm hook

ch 191

row 1: 1 tr in 6th ch from hook, 1 tr in next ch, *ch 2, sk 2 ch, 1 tr in each next 3 ch, repeat from * across, ch 1 turn

row 2: 1 sc in same space, 1 sc in next tr, (ch 4, sk to the middle tr of next group of 3 tr, 1 sc on that tr) twice, *ch 1, sk to the middle tr of next group of 3 tr, (1 tr, ch 1,) 5 times in that tr, ch 1, sk to the middle tr of next group of 3 tr, 1 sc in that tr, (ch 4, sk to middle tr of next group of 3 tr, 1 sc on that tr) 4 times, repeat from* around, end like the beg, with 2 sc one the last tr and 1 on the 5th ch, ch 1 turn

row 3 follow chart

row 4 follow chart, you’ll make a puff st of 3trtog then a ch 3 picot on top, ch 3 bettween puff stitches

row 5: starts with ch 4 and 1 tr in same space, follow chart and note that between the arcs you will work 3trtog. and you will end with, 2tr on 3rd ch

row 6 is the only row of dc instead of tr: start with ch 3, 1 dc in next tr, 1 dc in next ch. In this row it is neater to work inside the ch instead of the loop

Voila! That’s how you make and Arcade Crochet Shrug- A last minute Mother’s Day Gift

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