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Leyla Mini Granny Squares Scarf

Leyla picked this color again. She said “it’s such a yummy color”

Make 26 mini squares. Why mini? Because it takes only 2 rows.


With a 4 mm hook

Chain 6, join to first chain to form a ring 

Row 1  (3 puff stitches, ch1) 4 times, slip stitch to 1st puff stitch

How to work this puff stitch:

Yarn over, insert hook in ring or space, yarn over pull it through about 1 inch ( 3 loops in hook),

yarn over insert hook in same space, yarn over pull through about 1 inch ( 5 loops in hook), yarn over pull through 4 loops, yarn over pull trough 2 loops. 1 puff stitch made 

Row 2. 1 single crochet in next puff stitch, ch2, *skip 1 puff stitch, (1 puff stitch, chain 1,     1 puff stitch) in chain 1 space, chain 2, skip 1 puff stitch, 1 single cochet in next puff stitch, chain 2, repeat from* 3 times, chain 2, slip stitch to beginning single crochet. Fasten off

Joining the squares

For contrasting color I used Red Heart Super Saver Aran color.

Join 13 squares to make a strip that is about 43 inches long.

Attach the second color yarn  to the chain 1 corner space of one square, ch3
with the 1 st and 2nd square wrong side facing each other, single crochet in the 2 nd square corner space

Working back and forth between 2 squares ( chaining 3 between them), work 1 single crochet, on both chain 2 spaces and on other corner. Fasten off
Attached 13 square together using the same method

To make the scarf wider, make a 2 nd strip of 13 squares. Weave in all ends

Joining the 2 strips

Use the same method above but chain 2 instead of 3 between the 2 strip 

Scarf Border

Row 1 – 1 single crochet around scarf. 2 single crochet in each corner

Row2 – 2 puff stitches in all 4 corners, 1 puff stitch in each stitch of the length and 1 single crochet in each stitch of the widt


Cut 18 inches long strand of yarn.

Take 5 strands and fold it in half 

using your hook pull the strands through a stitch located at the width of scarf between the corner puff stitches, and tie. Repeat in the middle of the squares and between the squares

This can be used to make a lovely bedspread, different yarn different colors. Maybe my next project? Will see.

Leyla Scarf

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